Inn Care

Connecting interim managers and B&B's

Great idea! I have some questions...

I own a small B&B, can I join?

Yes you can, it does not matter how big you are or how much guests stay in your accommodation per year. Just as all people are different, every accommodation is also different. We match according to your needs.

What does it cost me?

Nothing. I don't ask a fee as I am in the first phase of setting up the company, next to my paid work. The interim managers we work with do this because they want to gain experience and take on the adventure. It is up to the interims and the B&Bs to make agreements together regarding board and lodging. 

How do you find the right people for me?

We start with a personal conversation about the B&B. What drives you, what do you think is important,  what are your values, what services do you provide, what does your day look like, etc.
Then we will determine together what kind of people would suit your company. You may need extra help with e.g. your website and Inn-Care has someone on file who is very good at IT. This is custom work and we look for the right match together.

How will I know if the people suit my B&B?

You will first meet digitally, so that you can make agreements about expectations. You can tell them in advance what is needed. In any case, make agreements in advance about the transfer period and ensure that this is longer than 1 day. Be well prepared and write everything down that you do.
Ask us for hand outs!