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I would love to tell you about our first succes storie. This made me decice to set up my idea professionally and take the step to found Inn Care.

#1 Silonque Bush Esate - Young professional couple who wanted to combine travel and work

The owners of Silonque Bush Estate (South-Africa) had to leave the estate for 4 weeks. They did not want to close the lodge due to already planned bookings and so looked for a solution to keep the lodge open.
The owners came into contact with the young couple through connections in the Netherlands. One worked as a project manager in marketing and the other in HR at a municipality. Their greatest wish was to travel through Southern Africa and to combine this with a place where they could spend the night.
The first meeting was via a video call where the owners and the couple got to know each other and where expectations were set.

There was no budget to pay the couple, but the manager's house was offered as a place to stay during the work. In addition, it was agreed that they could stay on the estate for another 2 weeks after the work.
Both the couple and the lodge owners had great faith in each other and the adventure could begin.
The couple flew to South Africa and after 3 days settling in they took over the management. In consultation, the couple gave the website a boost, which made us much more visible and they received very good reviews.

When the owners returned rested, the couple enjoyed the area for another 2 weeks and then went on a trip. Before flying back to the Netherlands, they took over the lodge for another 2 weeks, so that the lodge managers could go to a conference without closing the business.

Little detail: one of the lodge owners was ME!

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