Inn Care

Connecting interim managers and B&B's


The idea of starting Inn-Care is born Scotland. While driving through the Highlands. My husband and I were away for a weekend and we just stayed in a very nice B&B, managed by a lovely couple. They told us that they work the whole year except for a few weeks; in these weeks the B&B was closed. The breakfast starts at 8 in the morning and the lights go off at 22 in the evening, so you can imagine they need a break once in a while!

My husband and I have managed an own lodge in South Africa ourselves so we know better than anyone that the work is the best job in the world, but behind the scenes it can sometimes be very heavy. 

We had to go away sometimes and in those periods we did not want to close the lodge, as the income was too important for covering the costs. We have tried out interim couples that replaced us for a few weeks, one time even a month. 

The couple kept on running the lodge and we were able to recharge ourself, to make that important family visit or to visit a holiday fair.

I am convinced that stepping away from the business is sometimes the best thing you can do. You come back with new energy, new ideas and feedback from your interim managers. 

My passion and goal is to connect. With Inn Care, I connect B&B's with enthusiastic, professional and motivated interim managers that are not looking for a job-job, but a temporary hospitality adventure.

I am Laura, nice to meet you!

I started Inn Care because I wish every hard working hospitality manager the same experience as I had. Taking time off after working without being off.

My strength is connecting people together and set things in motion. I have lots of experience in HR so I know how to find out the characteristics, drive and motivation of people, so that I can make the connection with the right B&B.

My goal is to connect as many B&B’s and managers as possible, to work towards a big platform where we can all find each other, read about the experiences and share the information.

Inn-Care is not only my platform, it's the platform of all partners that want to join. We have to connect together, share ideas and mostly; let's make this a platform for all hospitality lovers with passion and skills!